Checkpoint Firewall – An Inside Look

While a conventional firewall does the job of preventing external parties from accessing data without permission, Checkpoint firewall does the job with an added efficiency since it has IPS and Application Controls incorporated in the application. IPS is basically an Intrusion Prevention System that ensures that any malicious activity happening in the network does not […]

Encryption – Recent Hacks Reveal Weakness

Medical and healthcare companies possess a dangerous amount of data on their customers, from social security numbers to entire medical histories. While laws have been put in place to ensure that consumer data is protected, recent data breaches at Anthem and Community Health Systems demonstrate that the laws have weaknesses. Specifically, experts have noted that […]

CyberArk SIEM – An Efficient SIEM

A SIEM system is usually expensive to establish within an enterprise due to the complexity involved in it, several corporations still have to go through its deployment phases mainly because they have to follow through the compliance norms that have become a standard in the industry. This is mainly because of the increasing threats that […]

3 Ways the Virtual Environment is Changing Human Resource

The job of the Human Resource professional has evolved in recent years thanks in large part to technology. Instead of organizing reams of paper as he once did, an HR agent can easily manage everything electronically. The virtual environment has streamlined several processes, from how payrolling is handled to how employee feedback is provided. Here […]

The Faces at Romack

Hello, blog readers!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, which is my first here on the Romack website.  As an introduction, my name is Bill Gardner and I am a Senior Account Executive here at Romack Staffing International.  Prior to the 10+ years that I have spent working for the Romack family […]


The Adventure continues!!  Welcome to the initial edition of my blog – Where I Sit.  You might very well be wondering why I, as the Sales Director of a People Services company, am writing a blog in the first place and, more importantly, why you would want to read it.   Actually, the answer is […]

Increasing Traffic to my Website – Crazy Adventure

Well we got the website updated in late 2014.  We had noticed that we were getting inquiries once a quarter about our Marketing Analytics, Payrolling Services and IT Security Staffing Services.  We wanted to get increased traffic to our website so we could get more clients and so my adventure began 12/15/14. I have spent over […]