White House Seeks to Wipe Out Passwords

Passwords are a top way for hackers to obtain access to a network. Not only are many passwords easily guessed, but users often readily hand them out and store them irresponsibility. As a result, the White House is calling for a way to enhance security and reduce threats by eliminating the password for good. By […]

Anthem Breach – An Example of Weakness in Healthcare Tech

Anthem Breach Highlights Weaknesses in Healthcare Tech One of America’s top health insurers has been hit with a massive data breach that may date all the way back to April 2014, according to security experts. The breach, which is thought to have exposed sensitive data like social security numbers on millions of consumers, has even […]

FireEye Firewall and its Benefits

With the increasing trends of cybercrimes, it has become crucial for corporations and the government agencies to establish stronger systems that make sure that the significant data is kept safe with the help of proper managed systems that make sure that unauthenticated breach and intrusions are prevented, and this can be done with several measures […]

Network Troubleshooting 101

By James Fraze There could be any of hundreds of things wrong with most network connectivity issues. This guide will attempt to help you narrow it down as fast as possible, using the least amount of effort. Here are the categories of testing/troubleshooting: Every Test Common things to consider on EVERY network troubleshooting issue Most […]

Palo Alto Firewall

Palo Alto Firewall Palo Alto offers a variety of firewalls and security applications. Due to this variety the products of Palo Alto cater to each user’s specific needs. For instance Palo Alto has products specific to offices of big corporations while have the product line to support those users that have huge datacenters to support. […]

Sailpoint SIEM

It is true that implementing SIEM system in an organization is a tough job mainly because of the costs and complexities involved, but still many organizations have to go through the implementation process mainly because it is an integral part of the compliance process. Moreover, it has also become a kind of a standard and […]

An Overview of CISSP

Certified Information System Security Professional or CISSP is an information systems certification and a recognized standard of achievement. An objective is provided to the information security professionals with a measurement of competence that is recognized all over the world. The CISSP certification is associated with knowledge of information security as the commitment to the profession.

SIEM Simple In 2015

Cybercrimes have been increasing in the past 5 years and many corporations have experienced such threats in the past. It is practical to assume that this trend will follow in the year 2015 with more sophistication due to which the corporations will have to improve the information security. In 2014 there were several criminals that […]