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Top 3 Tech Candidate Resume Database

The Top 3 Tech Candidate Resume Database LinkedIn LinkedIn has become a necessity in the professional realm. With over 364 million members, LinkedIn has become the best way to find and connect with professional talent worldwide.  If you want to further your career LinkedIn is a vital part of how you could be discovered. According […]

Contract Negotiations Breakdown

Contract Negotiations Businesses today often employ a combination of full-time workers and subcontractors. While this provides greater flexibility among a business’s workforce, it also creates a few complications for the human resources (HR) staff tasked with handling payroll and IRS paperwork. Because a business’s non-salaried workers aren’t part of the payrolling process, however, most organizations […]

Payroll and HR – Part of the Process

While payroll can sometimes been seen as a function of a business’s finance department, often human resources (HR) is part of the process, as well. HR oversees the people who make up a business’s workforce, including full-time employees and 1099 subcontractors. Because of this, if there is a problem with the payrolling process, HR is […]

Human Resource Executives Face Big Challenges

Human resources professionals across the nation face major challenges as employees retire in record numbers. Within the next two years, every tenth worker is set to retire in businesses across the nation and many businesses admit they aren’t prepared. Complicating matters is the fact that many businesses decided to reduce staff during the recent recession, […]