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Firewall Policy Management is Lacking in IT Security


Businesses today have state-of-the-art security on their systems, including the latest standards in firewall technology. But all of that technology may be wasted if the right firewall policy aren’t in place. According to a new report from FireMon, although most businesses find firewall security important, security administrators feel that managing those firewalls is complex and difficult to understand. To continue to maintain the integrity of their networks, businesses should take measures

Too Many Exceptions

Firewall policies are designed to protect an environment against malicious activity. But over time, users request firewall exceptions for a variety of programs and processes. As more programs are added over time, these exceptions become more of a “rule,” creating vulnerabilities across a network that can easily lead to problems.

Instead of opening ports on the firewall every time a request is placed, server administrators should look at alternate ways these programs can be used. While there will always be high-level users who need to conduct operations that require firewall access, if the exception is being granted to a widespread user base, perhaps the software needs so that it can be used without a firewall exception.

Conduct Thorough Audits

Administrators set a firewall up and rarely revisit it. As rules are created and settings are tweaked, though, it’s easy for issues to arise without technology staff being aware of it. Not only does this potentially create a security risk, but it also can create performance lags that slow the entire network down.

On a scheduled basis, conduct a thorough firewall audit to determine any problem spots. Administrators can do this manually, but there are also software solutions that automate this process, automatically optimizing an organization’s firewall for top security and performance.

Firewalls are an important part of an organization’s security. But without regular review, an organization’s firewall can become riddled with problems that slow down performance and put a business at risk. Regular firewall audits can help prevent these problems and ensure the network is performing at its best.

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