CyberArk SIEM – An Efficient SIEM


A SIEM system is usually expensive to establish within an enterprise due to the complexity involved in it, several corporations still have to go through its deployment phases mainly because they have to follow through the compliance norms that have become a standard in the industry. This is mainly because of the increasing threats that the organizations are facing in the modern world related to security breaches, unauthenticated intrusions and cybercrimes.

CyberArk has earned a name in the industry due to its efficient SIEM and has successfully correlated events and their management to bring out the best possible outcomes. CyberArk SIEM offers the users with the best methodology of compliance regarding IT solutions and management of accounts. This is done by creation of real time data that can only be accessed with a certain level of authority and this is cross checked with authentication controls and measures. Due to this credibility over authentication and access the system promotes accountability on the user’s part. Moreover, a complete view of data is generated so that the centralized management knows what exactly is happening and how the network infrastructure is defined.

CyberArk SIEM has integrated some of the best solutions within itself in order to make sure that event management is done in the best way possible and this in fact promotes instant access to information which is directly granted to the security team of the organization. With this real time access to crucial information the security teams team not only identify the level of threat or malicious activity but can also plan the course of action. Moreover, this also equips the security personnel to deal with the attacks before they even happen.

CyberArk SIEM has been implemented at a lot of enterprises and this could be partly because of the fact that it has certifications to work with some of the best SIEM solutions. CyberArk has been working with RSA Security, IBM and McAfee which further adds to the credibility and reliability of CyberArk SIEM.

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