Enterprises Blindly Battle Cyberthreat Intelligence with SIEM

Business owners may be deploying the latest technology to address cyberthreats, but many still aren’t sure what threats they’re facing. This according to a new study from the SANS Institute, which polled organizations about their activities to prevent cyberthreat intelligence from disrupting their organizations. While 55 percent of organizations responding admitted to using security information […]

Contract Negotiations Breakdown

Contract Negotiations Businesses today often employ a combination of full-time workers and subcontractors. While this provides greater flexibility among a business’s workforce, it also creates a few complications for the human resources (HR) staff tasked with handling payroll and IRS paperwork. Because a business’s non-salaried workers aren’t part of the payrolling process, however, most organizations […]

Checkpoint Firewall – An Inside Look

While a conventional firewall does the job of preventing external parties from accessing data without permission, Checkpoint firewall does the job with an added efficiency since it has IPS and Application Controls incorporated in the application. IPS is basically an Intrusion Prevention System that ensures that any malicious activity happening in the network does not […]

Encryption – Recent Hacks Reveal Weakness

Medical and healthcare companies possess a dangerous amount of data on their customers, from social security numbers to entire medical histories. While laws have been put in place to ensure that consumer data is protected, recent data breaches at Anthem and Community Health Systems demonstrate that the laws have weaknesses. Specifically, experts have noted that […]

CyberArk SIEM – An Efficient SIEM

A SIEM system is usually expensive to establish within an enterprise due to the complexity involved in it, several corporations still have to go through its deployment phases mainly because they have to follow through the compliance norms that have become a standard in the industry. This is mainly because of the increasing threats that […]

Payroll and HR – Part of the Process

While payroll can sometimes been seen as a function of a business’s finance department, often human resources (HR) is part of the process, as well. HR oversees the people who make up a business’s workforce, including full-time employees and 1099 subcontractors. Because of this, if there is a problem with the payrolling process, HR is […]

White House Seeks to Wipe Out Passwords

Passwords are a top way for hackers to obtain access to a network. Not only are many passwords easily guessed, but users often readily hand them out and store them irresponsibility. As a result, the White House is calling for a way to enhance security and reduce threats by eliminating the password for good. By […]