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Hello, blog readers!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, which is my first here on the Romack website.  As an introduction, my name is Bill Gardner and I am a Senior Account Executive here at Romack Staffing International.  Prior to the 10+ years that I have spent working for the Romack family of companies, I spent over 20 years in various IT managerial roles, so I have personal experience on both sides of the People Services equation.


In keeping with the themes of the other posts on our blog, in my upcoming posts, it is my intention to share my observations about trends that I see developing in the People Services industry.  As Drey Anthony pointed out recently in his post, since, on a daily basis, we work closely with hiring managers and executives at our client companies, we have an excellent understanding of what hiring companies are currently looking for.  And as we network with prospective candidates, we understand the talent and skills that are currently available in the marketplace.


Also in keeping with the themes of the other posts on our blog, in my upcoming posts, I also plan on sharing some highlights and insights from our focus areas here at Romack – Marketing, Risk and Web Analytics, Security, Web and Mobile Development,  etc.  In this post, I’d like to give a brief shout out regarding our Marketing Analytics practice here at Romack.


Recognizing that most medium to large businesses employ some type of Marketing Analytics function, in 2011, Romack assembled the Romack Marketing Analytics group which is positioned to augment a client’s internal marketing analytics operation with highly specialized analysts and developers who provide expertise on all aspects of campaign management from planning through execution.  With a wealth of experience assisting clients across a variety of industries and market sectors, Romack can provide a wide range of technical, tactical and strategic consulting services that can help companies to navigate the challenges of Marketing Analytics.   In upcoming posts, I’ll provide more details about Romack’s Marketing Analytics service, so please stay tuned.


Thanks for reading.


Bill Gardner

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