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It is true that implementing SIEM system in an organization is a tough job mainly because of the costs and complexities involved, but still many organizations have to go through the implementation process mainly because it is an integral part of the compliance process. Moreover, it has also become a kind of a standard and a norm in the industry. The increasing security threats and cybercrimes have made sure that the organizations remain on top of their games to make sure that security breaches, unauthenticated intrusions and cybercrimes are prevented at all costs.

Sailpoint is known for offering SIEM which is efficient and it can be either established on the premises or even in a cloud format, whatever combination the user prefers. Sailpoint SIEM has two different products to offer and they are IdentityIQ and IdentityNow. Both products have been built especially to deal with the challenges that organizations face in the business. Moreover, these SIEM solutions make sure that the compliance goals are met and provisioning is made stronger. Following are the relevant details to each type of product offered by Sailpoint.


This product has a special focus on the identity and access management aspect of the company and offers a solution that contains a technical approach towards managements of passwords and other activities that are either taking place on the office premises or on the cloud. IdentityIQ should do well in large organization mainly because such organizations have complex systems to deal with identity and access management, and IdentityIQ can be of great assistance here since it is equipped with unique solutions from Sailpoint.


IdentityNow is another part of Sailpoint SIEM that also deals with identity and access management but it is more of a cloud based solution. Moreover, it is also a unified solution to the collective problems of the organizations since IdentityNow can single-handedly deal with management of passwords, the provisioning needs of the organizations and also other applications that are used on the office premises whether they are used on the cloud or on a mobile phone. It is also important to note here that IdentityNow is very efficient when it comes to security needs of the organization since its performance is above par and cost effective as well. IdentityNow is also built by keeping ‘consumers’ on the mind as it has an intuitive way of being used and is somewhat user friendly which makes it even more convenient when it comes to problem solving.

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