Palo Alto Firewall


Palo Alto Firewall

Palo Alto offers a variety of firewalls and security applications. Due to this variety the products of Palo Alto cater to each user’s specific needs. For instance Palo Alto has products specific to offices of big corporations while have the product line to support those users that have huge datacenters to support. But the main thing that must be noted is that each firewall is equipped with a basic architecture which can be seen as a foundation to each product that incorporates a software engine that works towards making the system secure by removing potential threats while making sure that the management is kept in the loop and providing it enough time to act on predicted threats. There are several firewall platforms that Palo Alto has to offer and they are discussed as follows with their respective specifications.


The PA-7050 Firewall platform is specifically designed for those datacenters that run on networks with high speed and this is the reason why PA-7050 is equipped with a throughput of 120 Gbps. This firewall can take care of hundreds of processors that work in a since network and cater to the security needs of each computer while maintaining the logs.


The PA-5000 series is also equipped with the capability of supporting datacenters with networks that run on high speeds, just like PA-7050. The unique thing about PA-5000 series is that it also has this added protection in terms of internet gateway and has full functionality when it comes to working in environments with different variations.

PA-3000 and PA-2000

This platform provides throughput speed of 4 Gbps and has the capability of securing applications and users from malicious threats. This firewall platform also has the capability of inspecting content for any malicious activity and reporting it directly to the management.

PA-2000 platform has similar features but gives a throughput speed of only 1 Gbps but has the ability of meeting safety needs while inspecting the content as well.


PA-500 platform provides a throughput speed of 250 Mbps and has a very predictable performance when it comes to firewalls, which means that it is reliable. On the other hand, the PA-200 platform is basically for a desktop as it offers throughput speed of 100 Mbps but has the ability of meeting safety needs while keeping the management in the loop.

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