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Hello, blog readers!   Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, which is my second here on the Romack website.  In my first blog, besides providing an introduction and background about myself, I gave a brief shout out regarding our Marketing Analytics practice here at Romack.  In this post, I’d like to provide some more information regarding this important service offering at Romack.


It comes as no secret that success in business lies with satisfying the customer.  Regardless of the type of business – B2C, B2B, etc., customer satisfaction, in the form of an individual or a business, is of paramount importance.  An important element of that customer satisfaction is finding the right customer to begin with – your business needs to be selling the product or service that the customer is interested in purchasing.  Otherwise, you’re wasting the customer’s time.  This is where marketing comes in – not in wasting the customer’s time – but in finding the customers that are looking for the products and/or services that your company is selling.


Unfortunately, finding that perfect customer is not an easy task.  Although there are many tools available to marketing organizations nowadays, choosing the right tool, or set of tools, isn’t easy – or cheap.  It requires thorough research, meticulous planning and a long-term commitment.  You may be overwhelmed by having too many tools to choose from.  You may have found that what your competitors are doing is too expensive for you.  Or you might be unsure what to do because of previous failures and/or current tool investments.


This is where Romack can help.  With a wealth of experience assisting clients across a variety of industries and market sectors, Romack can provide a wide range of technical, tactical and strategic consulting offerings that help companies navigate around these obstacles.


Through the Romack Marketing Analytics Group, Romack provides a spectrum of Marketing Analytics services:





Romack’s Marketing Analytics Group provides objective specialized consulting and professional services to:

  • Increase revenue through customer loyalty and value
  • Develop analytical insights for more profitable business applications
  • Optimize technology resources


In my next post, I’ll provide some more details about Romack’s Marketing Analytics service, so please stay tuned.


Thanks for reading.


Bill Gardner


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