3 Ways the Virtual Environment is Changing Human Resource


The job of the Human Resource professional has evolved in recent years thanks in large part to technology. Instead of organizing reams of paper as he once did, an HR agent can easily manage everything electronically. The virtual environment has streamlined several processes, from how payrolling is handled to how employee feedback is provided. Here are three major ways the virtual environment will change HR in the next couple of years.

Payroll Automation

With today’s payroll software, Human Resource professionals no longer spend their days tracking employee leave. Instead, each worker logs into the system and records time worked, with supervisors serving as approval. The burden of responsibility has shifted to the employee and his own managers, allowing Human Resource teams to serve merely as overseers, only stepping in when supervisors need help. Payroll is processed based on the information provided by employees.

Managing Contract Workers

Businesses are increasingly realizing the value of working with a contractor or subcontractor for short-term projects. While the Internet has made it easier to located talented professionals offsite, it also creates work for HR personnel, who must deal with fulfilling IRS requirements for these workers. Each contract worker must complete a 1099 and at the end of the year, HR staff is usually asked to provide a report on the payments made to contingent workers during the previous year.

Recruiting Talent

Technology has also changed the way businesses hire employees. Human Resource teams now turn to a job candidate’s social media sites for validation that he is the right fit for an organization. They also search LinkedIn to find ideal candidates and post job opportunities. Thanks to virtual job fairs, Human Resource teams can reach out to a large number of candidates from the comfort of their desks, saving businesses travel expenses.

Whether Human Resource representatives are approving timesheets or researching potential employees to avoid misclassification, the virtual environment has changed everything about the way they work. As HR software solutions become more sophisticated, HR professionals will be able to recruit the best workers and improve retention to increase the overall quality of the workplace.

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