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Cybercrimes have been increasing in the past 5 years and many corporations have experienced such threats in the past. It is practical to assume that this trend will follow in the year 2015 with more sophistication due to which the corporations will have to improve the information security. In 2014 there were several criminals that collaborated in some manner to hit the large organizations with force while they were unaware and due to this reason in the coming year such organizations will have to be prepared to counter such attacks no matter what degree of impact they have the potential to inflict. One way in which the organizations can make themselves more secure is by implementing SIEM and firewalls.

SIEM, or Security Information and Event Management, is a way to identify how an organization has placed or implemented its IT security. With the help of SIEM an organization can scatter its significant data in different places but still have the ability to view this data from a single location which should be more convenient. In this manner an organization can easily see the patterns that are following regarding the data and identify anything extraordinary that happens out of nowhere. SIEM is basically a combination of secured information management and efficient event management that should help the company become more efficient and resilient in cases of such attacks.

The two components of SIEM work together and complement each other. The event management system makes sure that all of the logs regarding storage are maintained and observed that should help the security team to tackle security threats in a timely manner while the information management system gathers all data into one central location for reporting purposes. SIEM also fulfills some of the organizations legal obligations in terms of compliance.

A well placed SIEM system has the ability to maintain the logs and other secured documents that are later analyzed by the personnel. In order for SIEM to work properly it is important to deploy some agents and security equipment that complement the system. Some of the security equipment that are necessary for organizations in the coming year to follow include antivirus and firewalls so that the companies can keep their systems clean from the breaches. Moreover, other preventative measures should also be taken to keep the systems from getting breached. Once the events are maintained in a log, the details are sent to management that analyzes the events and inspects the situations. This plays an important role in coming up with a plan regarding security threat if it is identified by the system.

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  1. SIEM is only one…one facet of cyber security and risk management. It is one tool in a sea of tools that enable centralized log management to effect and afford organizations an appropriate continuous monitoring posture that feeds incident response (and even input to compliance activities). It’s important to note that a holistic approach to security goes way beyond just firewalls and SIEM…we’re talking defense in depth and diversity of defense which are core IA concepts.

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