Network Discovery with DNS AXFS

DNS all Zone Transfer One of the first steps any attacker takes before executing a strike on a targeted entity is discovery. The basic concept is to know what to attack and how to compromise it. There are many different ways to get this information, we will discuss DNS All Zone Transfer as one method […]

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Basic NMap Scans II

5 Basic NMap scans II In this second part of the series on NMap, we will continue to expand on a basic understanding of the tool by exploring more scanning techniques. We will continue to use the GUI to provide easier to follow examples. In our first article we covered the following scans: SYN Connect […]


Network Routing Troubleshooting ICMP Messages

Someone once told me that to make an engine run you need 3 things: Air, Fuel and Spark. I love the simplification, and it really helped to narrow down what wasn’t working. In reality though, there are many more things that could go wrong. Network routing troubleshooting might be broken down into similar steps too:


NETCAT Tutorial and Examples

Netcat is one of the older, more venerable applications that has been called the swiss army knife of network testing tools.

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Top 3 Tech Candidate Resume Database

The Top 3 Tech Candidate Resume Database LinkedIn LinkedIn has become a necessity in the professional realm. With over 364 million members, LinkedIn has become the best way to find and connect with professional talent worldwide.  If you want to further your career LinkedIn is a vital part of how you could be discovered. According […]

Security Tools

5 Basic NMAP Scans

5 Basic NMAP Scans In this two part series on NMap we will explore a basic understanding of the tool and the benefit of scanning techniques. We will use the GUI to provide easier to follow examples. In this first article we will discuss the following scans: SYN Connect FIN Xmas Tree Null The second […]


How to Securely Copy Files Using SCP

How to Securely Copy Files Using SCP A computer common task required is to copy files securely from one location to another, usually across a network or the internet. Want to know how to do it securely?

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Top 10 Programming Languages for Six Figure Salaries

Nearly all of these languages have salary ranges from 30k per year to over 150k per year. Skill, previous experience, and ability to think will largely dictate salary more than the actual language learned. If a job is not actively paying for one of these specific skills, they will often choose a candidate that knows […]

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Firewall Policy Management is Lacking in IT Security

Businesses today have state-of-the-art security on their systems, including the latest standards in firewall technology. But all of that technology may be wasted if the right firewall policy aren’t in place. According to a new report from FireMon, although most businesses find firewall security important, security administrators feel that managing those firewalls is complex and […]


Enterprises Blindly Battle Cyberthreat Intelligence with SIEM

Business owners may be deploying the latest technology to address cyberthreats, but many still aren’t sure what threats they’re facing. This according to a new study from the SANS Institute, which polled organizations about their activities to prevent cyberthreat intelligence from disrupting their organizations. While 55 percent of organizations responding admitted to using security information […]